Lady Laura’s Newborn Baby Dolls

Lady Laura’s Dolls offer beautiful looking newborn baby dolls, as well as lovely infant and toddler dolls. All dolls newborn at Lady Laura’s Dolls are made from high quality products and are free from defects. Adults, production companies, as well as collectors have purchased Lady Laura’s Dolls.

American Girl Dolls offer dolls, accessories, doll furniture, and books from the past and present. Bring home an American Girl that your girl will always treasure!

Besides Lady Laura’s dolls we also offer a beautiful group of Porcelain dolls. Porcelain dolls are lovely looking and affordably priced.

We also offer a gorgeous selection of JC Toys designed by Berenguer. Some of these dolls include: a scented doll called Berenguer Boutique, La Baby (a lovable doll) Berenguer Baby Boy Doll and Lot’s to Cuddle which is a perfect doll for hugging and cuddling.

Lady Laura’s Dolls also has an adorable selection of Pixie Elves. The Christmas category will display these Elves.  They will bring a delightful surprise to the person who receives one of them!

Lady Laura’s Dolls presents many wonderful products that can be enjoyed by all!

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